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Why Video Content is Important for Small Companies

Posted on 2 June 2016

opening screenshot Developing and bringing a new product into an crowded marketplace is a hard task. Unlike large corporations, small companies and start-ups can dedicated smaller budgets for marketing and advertisement. Video content is the most direct and effective way to tell people who you are, what you do and why you matter.

Effectively Engage your Audience

For the majority of the small, medium and large companies any important marketing and advertising action takes place in or is heavily influenced by the ever-expanding universe of Internet. It is a fact that on the Internet the attention span of users continues to decline.

Unlike 10 years ago, text or images are nowadays simply not enough to express the importance of your work and products or the usefulness of your services. Potential clients need more information from you and they need it with less words and in less time.

Users are nowadays very informed, they expect to know everything even before being ready to talk about buying. Detailed product reviews and opinions matter more than ever.

Short and slick videos are the most engaging and effective tools to get your message across and to let others to connect with your business. If you are a small company or a start-up and you have limited marketing resources, a short and to-the-point video can very well be your best marketing investment.

Customised and High Content Videos Increase your Internet Visibility

YouTube is the second biggest search engine in the World, the first being Google. Well crafter and emotionally relevant videos are your best bet to get to people who want to buy from you.

Furthermore, it is widely known that webpage ranking in itself is heavily influenced by fresh content creation (e.g. blog posts) and by the presence of video content in the for of, for instance, a YouTube channel.

If you wonder how much video content you should be making, there isn’t really a single answer. For some companies a video every month or two is adequate, while for other companies several videos a week might be necessary. It all depends on your online competitors, your marketing goals and of course your product.

What Video Content is Right for Me

A classic corporate video is particularly useful to define and support your brand, especially as part of your website, at a congress in your field or for targeting a generic audience. A corporate video is almost never useful to reach new customers online and drive traffic to your website.

Multiple short videos that can either be watched as a series and targeted at different segments of your customer base are the ideal tool to drive new customers to you.

By thinking about your online video strategy as an on-going campaign rather than a one-off project, you will open countless possibilities for how you can reach a larger audience. This is particularly true for small companies with limited resources.

Hard Sell Approach is Out, welcome Branded Advertisement.

Advertising on television or print used to be quite heavy handed. About any commercial made before the 1990’s was pretty direct and quite forceful. In the past years a Hard Sell approach was taken almost 100% of the time.

The Internet came along 15 years ago and since then the average consumer has grown into a more tasteful consumer. And this has made “branded advertisement” the most suitable advertisement for the Internet. Surprisingly enough, this has trained the average Joe to be actually quite resilient to Hard Sell and actually quite sensitive to the emotional aspects of branded advertisement.

The type of advertisement used in the Internet World has actually made it to the TV when advertising agencies began realizing that the customer online response was actually far better than their TV spots. This changed the game very quickly.

Television is not really the best place for branded content. However there is a subgroup of TV commercials that actually are something in between the branded Internet ads and the classic TV ads. This type of commercials are designed to evoke an emotion or feeling that perfectly represents the brand. Rather than beating the viewer over the head with information about a product.

These spots connect with the viewer on an emotional level. Letting the viewer know how their product will make them feel, not by telling them but by gently guiding them. This very recent ad is a good example of this type of ad.

At we create video content and we believe in the superiority of branded advertisement. That is why we are 100% committed in bringing branded content advertisement to small and medium companies.

If you think you want to know more please do not hesitate to contact us.