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Video Making - Mobile World Congress Barcelona

Posted on 19 January 2017

opening screenshot The GSMA Mobile World Congress (MWC) is the World’s largest exhibition for the mobile phone industry that takes place every year in February, or sometimes in March, in Barcelona, Spain.

For 30 years the MWC has been the time in which mobile phone operators, phone manufacturer and technology providers come together and show to nearly 100,000 attendees the latest and greatest products and services related to the mobile industry. Representatives from companies like LG, Sharp, Intel, IBM, Ebay, Visa come together to present exciting products and services that would do shape the way we live.

MWC Hosting City

Despite the existence of two other similar mobile phone exhibits, the actual Spanish MWC is the most important mobile phone exhibit and it is hosted is the city of Barcelona, Spain.

Having actually lived in Barcelona for over 6 years I can surely tell you that the MWC time is a time in which the city heavily transform so that all sort of services can be offered. Beside hotel rooms and taxies being impossible to find, other supporting services work in full swing. Photographers and Video makers are certainly a class of people who do offer their services to MWC attendees and companies.

Best Chance for Networking

When a company decides to comes to Barcelona and attend the Mobile World Congress it is very likely to want to use photography and video services. Been a highly networking and marketing-oriented event, the MWC gives a unique chance for a company to tell people who they are why what they do actually matters.

As it has always been, in a competitive business environment it is important to maximize the splash factor. A successful company that comes to Barcelona to attend the MWC should definitely look at:

What We Can Offer

We are based in Barcelona and we know how to create a corporate video. We at Focus Away know where to get everything that is needed to visually create what you might need to launch your product.

Barcelona Mobile World Congress Office

Specifically, we can:

Let Us Know What You Need

Would you like to know more? Do you have your personal idea about what kind of corporate video you have in mind? We what to know!

We are a media content creation business based in Barcelona, Spain. If you want to contact us please do not hesitate to drop us an email. We are always interested in getting to know new people and new businesses.